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1. Managed IT Solutions

2. Asset Management

3. Enterprise Resource Planning

Helping you find

the right IT solutions.

With over twenty years of Information Technology experience, System Support Associates can handle your business Information Technology needs. We provide support to a wide variety of clients from healthcare, law practices, manufacturing, municipalities and public entities. Our services range from IT strategic planning to hardware support.

Server Virtualization 

Server virtualization can help cut energy costs and increase uptime for a more productive cost-effective environment. Virtualization reduces your data center footprint allowing for a     more manageable on-site data center.


We provide solutions to your secure IT environment using products from vendors, such as, Cisco, Symantec, Untangle, SonicWall, etc.  We not only provide IT infrastructure security, but also asset management / tracking. 



With today's fast-paced world, mobility is key for a successful & productive business. We can configure remote access using a range of mobile devices. We can also provide support using our mobile apps. 

Trusted Vendors

IT partner with a shared vision.

​Proactive: Using leading edge technology and procedures, we are able to provide a proactive solution that monitors your IT infrastructure. When issues arise our team can quickly implement a tested solution to make sure you experience the least amount of downtime. 


Reliable: System Support Associates strives to employ quality technicians and consultants in the Tri-state area. We hire not only certified professionals, but personal, honest, and dedicated individuals who put our client's needs first and possess excellent business skills.


Vision: At System Support Associates we are passionate about sharing your

visions and making them a reality. Having System Support Associates as your IT partner guarantees that your company will always have a dedicated, trained and certified IT professional working hard and listening to your specific Information Technology needs. Our employees will listen to your needs and then strive to create a cost-effective proven solution. Technology is rapidly advancing and always

evolving -- let us focus on your IT solutions so you can focus on your business.


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