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We at System Support Associates aim to help you achieve success by providing quality Information Technology services. We will listen to you to fully understand your needs and then provide the most effective means to meet your needs. We can optimize your existing system and ensure its smooth operation in a technical world which is more and more computer reliant.


Whether you are looking for support of existing systems or projects, emergency support or on-going support, SSA has you covered.



Why System Support Associates?


At System Support Associates we are passionate about sharing our clients' visions and making them a reality. Having System Support Associates as your IT partner guarantees that your company will always have a dedicated, trained & certified IT professional working hard and listening to your specific Information Technology needs. Technology is rapidly advancing and always evolving, at System Support Associates we advance & evolve so you do not have to.


The key to our success is our team. System Support Associates employs Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs), Microsoft Certified System Engineers (MCSEs) and a variety of other experts. In addition, we have training and experience in product support from Symantec, VEEAM, VMware, Cisco, Citrix and many others. The team at System Support Associates focuses on continuing education. As new technologies and techniques emerge our staff will train and learn these newly developed areas. This training is evident and key for us to provide a professional level of service.


At System Support Associates our main goal is to deliver outstanding customer service. We provide multiple means of communication via phone, e-mail, website, or fax. Using these avenues we can provide a fast, reliable response to your requests. 


In today’s ever evolving work environment, you need an IT partner who can provide direction in creating a competitive advantage. System Support Associates can provide guidance for your existing computer infrastructure or design, develop, and implement a new infrastructure that will allow your organization to grow.


We want to be your partner

that helps you achieve success.

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We also provide Surveillance Camera Solutions - customizable to fit your needs.

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